BS-CYBR Prior Learning Assessment

In addition to General Education credits from Advanced Placement (AP) and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) assessments, there are many upper division courses in the BS-CYBR that have other Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) options. Many use a department administrated Challenge Exam.

Please visit the KSU PLA resource page to verify availability and identify the application process for these options:

  • CYBR 3100 - Principles of Cybersecurity - by Challenge Exam

  • CSE 1321/L - Programming and Problem Solving I & Lab - By AP Test Credit

    CYBR 3123 - Hardware and Software Concepts - by Challenge Exam

    CYBR 3153 - Database Systems - by Challenge Exam

    CYBR 3423 - Operating Systems Concepts and Administration - by Challenge Exam

    CYBR 4323 - Data Communications and Networking - by Challenge Exam