The completed Conference Program and Schedule will be emailed to all registered attendees and to the CCERP mailing list.

The conference will be held at KSU Center:

  • On Friday, select invited professionals, managers and executives will present sessions on best practices and issues in the management of information security in the organization. Students with valid KSU IDs may attend these presentations free of charge (lunch not included).
  • On Saturday, the conference will follow a traditional academic paper and presentation format.

This draft agenda is subject to change. Email infosec [at] kennesaw [dot] edu to be added to the CCERP mailing list or for the final schedule.

CCERP Agenda

Friday October 11, 2019
Industry Day  --  KSU Center Room 300

"Preparing Tomorrows Security Professionals"


8:45a-900a Welcome and Opening Remarks - Dr. Herb Mattord, Kennesaw State University
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9:00a-10:00a Keynote: Peter Dooley, Vice President of Information Security at InterContinental Hotels Group PLC, "Preparing for Tomorrow by Looking at Yesterday"
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10:15a-11:05a  Jeffrey Jones, Security Evangelist, "Security Today and Future State"
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11:15p-12:05p  Tim Cullen, CISSP, Principle Security Architect, Adapture, "Evasion Techniques"
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12:05p-1:00p Networking Lunch (KC Room 400)

Panel Discussion: "Cybersecurity Education: The Quest to Building Bridge Skills"
Moderator: Ward Pyles, InterContinental Hotels Group PLC
Panelist: Tim Cullen, Phillip Mahan, and Wes Rhea
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2:00p-2:50p  Wes Rhea, Senior Lecturer at Kennesaw State University, "Information Security and Privacy Awareness"
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3:00p-3:50p Phillip Mahan, Data Protection Officer, CISO, CPO, Story Teller, and Mentor, "It's 4:00 on a Friday, What Could POSSIBLY Go Wrong?"
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4:00p Day 1 Conference Ends

Saturday, October 12, 2019
Academic Day -- KSU Center Room 400

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8:45a-9:00a Welcome and Opening Remarks - Dr. Mike Whitman, Executive Director, KSU Institute for Cybersecurity Workforce Development

Keynote Presentation - Bonnie Norman,  Director, Security & Information Governance,
Colonial Pipeline

10:30a-11:20a Session 1
1A: Room KC 400
1B: Room KC 460
11:30a-12:20p Session 2
2A: Room KC 400
2B: Room KC 460
12:20p-1:00p Networking Lunch
1:00p-1:50p Session 3
3A: Room KC 400
3B: Room KC 460
2:00p-2:50p Session 4
4A: Room KC 400
4B: Room KC 460
3:00p-4:30p Faculty Development Workshop: Room 400
4:30p  Conference Ends