Program Requirements

The Master of Science in Cybersecurity is a 30 credit hour online degree program, which may be completed within one calendar year by well-qualified students.  The program is designed to support both professionals seeking career advancement and those seeking a career change to the Cybersecurity field. 

All courses are scheduled in 7-week sessions allowing students to take two classes at a time, completing the program in 5 sessions.

To earn the MS-Cybersecurity, students must complete the following courses:

Foundation Prerequisites:

Students who have not taken the following subjects as part of another degree program must complete these three courses.  If a student has received credit for one or more of these courses, they may begin taking the 7000-level courses that they meet the prerequisites for.

  • Programming Principles 
    In this course, students analyze and formulate software solutions appropriate for a business organization. Topics may include foundational program constructs, requirement analysis and software design & development.

  • Computing Infrastructure 
    This foundation course will provide an overview of computer organization, architecture and operating systems. Topics include computer infrastructure, operating systems fundamentals and system management.

  • Data communications and Networking 
    This course will provide an overview of computer networks. Topics include network technologies, protocols, and traffic analysis.

  • Foundations of Cybersecurity
    This course will provide an overview of the roles and composition of the cybersecurity function in the organization.  It covers aspects of cybersecurity-related law and ethics, components of the cybersecurity program including administrative and technical roles, responsibilities and controls. 

Required Courses:

Students must complete all nine of the following courses.  Refer to the KSU Graduate Catalog for course descriptions.

  • CYBR 7000 Cyber Law, Policy, and Enforcement (3 credit hours) 
    • Pre-requisite: Foundation of Cybersecurity 
  • CYBR 7050 Cybercrime Detection, Analysis, and Forensics (3 credit hours) 
    • Pre-requisite: CYBR 7000
  • CYBR 7100 Secure Application Development (3 credit hours) 
    • Pre-requisite: Programming Principles
  • CYBR 7200 Securing Enterprise Infrastructure (3 credit hours) 
    • Pre-requisite: Computing Infrastructure and Data Communications & Networking
  • CYBR 7220 Mobile and Cloud Security (3 credit hours) 
    • Pre-requisite: CYBR 7200
  • CYBR 7240 Cyber Analytics and Intelligence (3 credit hours) 
    • Pre-requisite: CYBR 7200
  • CYBR 7300 Management of Cybersecurity (3 credit hours) 
    • Pre-requisite: Foundation of Cybersecurity
  • CYBR 7350 Contingency Planning for Cybersecurity (3 credit hours) 
    • Pre-requisite: CYBR 7300
  • CYBR 7400 Introductions to Cryptography and Its Applications (3 credit hours) 
    • Pre-requisite: CYBR 7200

Capstone Course:

Students will select ONE of the capstone courses listed below. Refer to the KSU Graduate Catalog for descriptions.

  • CYBR 7910 Capstone in Cybersecurity Practicum (3 credit hours)
    • Pre-requisite: CYBR 7100, CYBR 7220 & CYBR 7240 
  • CYBR 7930 Capstone in Cybersecurity Management (3 credit hours)
    • Pre-requisite: CYBR 7350

Forward Planning Schedule:

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