Program Requirements

The Master of Science in Cybersecurity is a 30 credit hour online degree program, which may be completed within one calendar year by well-qualified students.  The program is designed to support both professionals seeking career advancement and those seeking a career change to the Cybersecurity field. 

All courses are scheduled in 7-week sessions allowing students to take two classes at a time, completing the program in 5 sessions.

To earn the MS-Cybersecurity, students must complete the following courses:

Foundation Courses:

Students who have not taken the following courses as part of another degree program must complete these three courses.  If a student has received credit for one or more of these courses, they may begin taking the 7000-level courses that they meet the prerequistes for.

  • CYBR 5210 Programming Principles (3 credit hours) No prerequisite
    In this course, students analyze and formulate software solutions appropriate for a business organization. Topics may include foundational program constructs, requirement analysis and software design & development.

  • CYBR 5220 Computing Infrastructure (3 credit hours) No prerequisite
    This foundation course will provide an overview of computer networks and system administration. Topics include network protocols, network traffic analysis, operating systems fundamentals and system management.

  • CYBR 5300 Foundations of Cybersecurity (3 credit hours) No prerequisite
    This course will provide an overview of the roles and composition of the cybersecurity function in the organization.  It covers aspects of cybersecurity-related law and ethics, components of the cybersecurity program including administrative and technical roles, responsibilities and controls. 

Required Courses:

Students must complete all nine of the following courses.  Refer to the KSU Graduate Catalog for course descriptions.

  • CYBR 7000 Cyber Law, Policy, and Enforcement (3 credit hours) 
    • Pre-requisite: CYBR 5300
  • CYBR 7050 Cybercrime Detection, Analysis, and Forensics (3 credit hours) 
    • Pre-requisite: CYBR 7000
  • CYBR 7100 Secure Application Development (3 credit hours) 
    • Pre-requisite: CYBR 5210
  • CYBR 7200 Securing Enterprise Infrastructure (3 credit hours) 
    • Pre-requisite: CYBR 5220
  • CYBR 7220 Mobile and Cloud Security (3 credit hours) 
    • Pre-requisite: CYBR 7200
  • CYBR 7240 Cyber Analytics and Intelligence (3 credit hours) 
    • Pre-requisite: CYBR 7200
  • CYBR 7300 Management of Cybersecurity (3 credit hours) 
    • Pre-requisite: CYBR 5300
  • CYBR 7350 Contingency Planning for Cybersecurity (3 credit hours) 
    • Pre-requisite: CYBR 7300
  • CYBR 7400 Introductions to Cryptography and Its Applications (3 credit hours) 
    • Pre-requisite: CYBR 7200

Capstone Course:

Students will select ONE of the capstone courses listed below. Refer to the KSU Graduate Catalog for descriptions.

  • CYBR 7910 Capstone in Cybersecurity Practicum (3 credit hours)
    • Pre-requisite: CYBR 7100, CYBR 7220 & CYBR 7240 
  • CYBR 7930 Capstone in Cybersecurity Management (3 credit hours)
    • Pre-requisite: CYBR 7350