Partnership Opportunities

Join us to support the advancement of some of the best cybersecurity certification and degree programs around!

Institute Sponsorship - Organizations can partner with the institute through sponsored activities such as sponsored research, sponsoring events, and even sponsoring a class.

Sponsored research or creative engagement can take 2 forms:

  1. organizations can directly sponsor a project where a clear opportunity exists to solve an organizational problem by leveraging one or more of our faculty members’ expertise (this is akin to a consulting relationship), or
  2. sponsoring research through charitable giving.

Sponsoring events - The Institute hosts many events that each have some level of needed funding. Examples include:

  • Southeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition
  • Conference on Cybersecurity Education, Research, and Practice
  • CISO roundtable
  • Sponsoring a class

Endow a chair - A strategic hire will elevate the Institute to a national (or even international) level relatively quickly. This effort would be greatly boosted by the sponsorship of an endowed chair in cybersecurity.

Program Partnerships - The Institute recognizes the benefit of employer investment in education for both retention and talent development. Employee scholarship programs, tuition reimbursement, and/or associated internship opportunities are well received available options

Student recruitment - Organizations may also establish a partnership agreement with the Institute through Kennesaw State University’s Department of Career Planning and Development. Students need internships, Co-op opportunities and full-time employment. Internships and Co-ops are high-impact practices that enrich the classroom experience through applied learning while providing valuable industry experience for our students.

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