Cybersecurity Speakers Series

Spring 2023

  • Date/Time
  • Wednesday
    February 8, 2023
    7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 852 5476 3895
    Passcode: KSUCybr23

    1. Brian Albertson, State Farm, "IT Risk Trends and Impact to Cybersecurity"

    2. Ian Kahn, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, "Privileged Access Management – An Introduction"

  • Tuesday
    February 21, 2023
    7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 852 5476 3895
    Passcode: KSUCybr23

    1. Yosef Beck, Director of Security Architecture at IHG, "Vendor Requests for Proposals"

    2. Chris Black, Warner Media, "SOAR: Automate All the SecOps Things"

  • Wednesday
    March 15, 2023
    7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 852 5476 3895
    Passcode: KSUCybr23

    1. Sam Leonard, Veeam, "TBD"

    2.  Kyle Smith, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, "Cybersecurity as a Brand"

  • Tuesday
    March 28, 2023
    7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 852 5476 3895
    Passcode: KSUCybr23

    1. Ward Pyles, Kids2, "TBD"

    2. Sethuraman Srinivas, Adobe, "Enterprise Security Metrics - Relevance and Application"

  • Wednesday
    April 12, 2023
    7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 852 5476 3895
    Passcode: KSUCybr23

    1. Dave Croasdell & Jim Elste, Cyberworkerz, "Cyber Clinics: Extending cybersecurity support to the community"

    2. Patrick Sullivan,, "Importance of Professional Communication"

  • Tuesday
    April 18, 2023
    7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 852 5476 3895
    Passcode: KSUCybr23

    1. Greg Aitken, Intaso Inc., "Resume -> Applications -> Interview ->Job"

    2. Chris Silvers, Industry Professional, "TBD"

Cybersecurity speakers from prior sessions - Note links to presentations will require authentication with Kennesaw State University credentials:

  • Tue., August 23, 2022, Jacob Lovell, Solutions Engineer at Akamai, "Denial of Service: Taxonomy and Vocabulary" and Aldo Febro, Ph.D.,  CISO at Continuant, "DDoS against VoIP Services: Threat & Career Opportunities"

    Wed., September 7, 2022, Yosef Beck, Director of Security Architecture at IHG, "Network Security for Smarties"

    Tue., September 20, 2022, Jon Anderson, "Overview of Changes in PCI DSS 4.0" and Brent Holt, Edge Solutions

    Wed., October 5, 2022, Kaustubh Kubde, Equifax, "How to break into Cybersecurity & Essential Tips for a Strong Foundation" and Sam Leonard, Veeam, "Disaster Recovery After Cyberattack"

    Tue., October 18, 2022, Charles Herring, Witfoo, "Federating Cybersecurity Operations", and Phillip Mahan, Chief Risk Officer for Code Named Projects, LLC., "It's a Matter of Trust" ¤

    Wed., November 2, 2022, Ryan Basden, risk3sixty, "Technical Security Career Paths"  ¤

    Tue., November 15, 2022, Asher Andree, Mandiant, "Pathway to Being a Pentester" and Jake Bulim, "SOC Structures and How to Lead Analysts to Make an Effective Team"

  • Wednesday, January 19, 2022, Jacob Lovell, Solutions Engineer at Akamai, "Containing the Breach: The Evolution of Microsegmentation"

    Wednesday, February 2, 2022, Ben McInnis, Technical Marketing Engineer at Palo Alto Networks, "State of Cloud-native Security in 2022 and Nick Corn, Penetration Tester at CodeMettle, "Effective Communication to Executives for Cyber Security Professionals"

    Wednesday, February 16, 20221, Ward Pyles at Kids2 and Christian Hyatt, CEO and Founder at risk3sixty, "The 5 CISO Archetypes"

    Wednesday, March 2, 2022, Bernard Barnes, Client Executive at Kyndryl, Inc. -- State of Georgia SLED, "How to Sell Cybersecurity Services" and J. David Quilter, Coach and Author for Security Leaders, "How to Build a Smart Security Program"

    Wednesday, March 16, 2022, Yosef Beck, Director of Security Architecture at IHG, "Cybersecurity as a Competitive Advantage" and Mike Rothman at Securosis, "Evolution of the SOC"

    Wednesday, March 30, 2022, Zola Maswanganye, Information Security Engineer, "Who is responsible for Security" and Jade West, Cybersecurity Engineer at The Home Depot, "Essential API Security"

    Wednesday, April 13, 2022, Keyaan Williams, Managing Director at Class-LLC, "Mastering Cybersecurity Metrics" and Anne-Marie Colombo at SAP America, "Zero Trust Without the Hype"

  • Wednesday, September 1, 2021, Brian Albertson, State Farm Insurance, "Enterprise Data Enablement Risks, Controls and Vulnerabilities"

    Tuesday, September 14, 2021, 19:00 - 21:00, Virtual Session
    Yosef Beck, IHG, "Designing an effective Security Metrics and Reporting Program" 
    Christian Hyatt, risk3sixty, "Results and trends from 1000 security assessments" 

    Wednesday, September 29, 2021, 19:00 - 21:00, Hybrid - In person and Zoom
    Jacob Lovell, Akamai, “MFA is broken: How recent developments in FIDO2 fixes it”
    Dan Smith, Industry Expert, "Recovering from Ransomware and Other Disasters"

    Tuesday, October 12, 2021, 19:00 - 21:00, Hybrid - In person and Zoom
    Maryann Douglass & Sherri Collis, Online Business Systems, "Personal Security Awareness for Online Presence"
    Ward Pyles, Kids2

    Wednesday, October 27, 2021, 19:00 - 21:00, Hybrid - In person and Zoom
    Brandy Griffin, Avalon Cyber, "The Incident Response Lifecycle"
    Betty DuBois, Independent Security Consultant, "Network Reconnaissance with Open Source Tools"

    Tuesday, November 9, 2021, 19:00 - 21:00 via Zoom
    Jack Healey, BHA Group, "Impact of Bias on Risk Appetite and Tolerance" 
    Phillip Mahan, Industry Professional

  • Gordon Shenkle, Security Services Master Plan, June 2

    Taiye Lambo, Governance Design, June 7

    Yosef Beck, Policy Design, June 9

    Jeff Jones, Security Operations Design, June 14

    Debra Oglesby, Staffing Planning, June 16

    Anne Marie Colombo, Risk Management Framework, June 21

    Robert Roberts, Contingency Planning, June 23

  • Anne Marie Columbo, SAP America, Inc., Risk Management Framework Overview

    Jack Healy, CPA, CFF, CFE, CRISC, Chief Executive Officer, Bear Hill Advisory Group, LLCCPA, Risk Management: Deep Thoughts and Better Results

    Yosef Beck, Principal Security Architect, IHG, Network Security Monitoring: Process & Tools Overview

    Alain Espinosa, Director of Security Operations, MSS at Online Business Systems, Preparing for your career in cybersecurity (from student to professional)

    Michael Lockhart, Director of Compliance, Salesforce Mulesoft

    Brian Albertson, AWSCCP, CDPSE, CRISC, ITIL, POPM, IT Control Management Product Owner, State Farm® IT Risk & Compliance, TBuilding Compliance Into Business Operations

    Adam Kehler - Director, RSP Healthcare Services at Online Business Systems, Cybersecurity in Healthcare

    Ward Pyles, KidsII Inc., Driving security teams to be more effective

    Jacob Lovell, Akamai Technologies, Web Application Security at the Edge

    Nat Prakongpan, Technical Director, X-Force Threat Intelligence and Cyber Range Lab, IBM Security, Ox Response, Incident Response Preparedness for Business

    Chris Silvers, C G Silvers Consulting, Freelance Cybersecurity Trends and Techniques

    Matthew Dobbs, Chief Integration Architect, X-Force Threat Intelligence and Integration Lab, IBM Security, Leveraging Zero Trust Architecture

    Yosef Beck, Principal Security Architect, IHG

  • Jacob Lovell, Solutions Engineer, Akamai, “Securing the Enterprise: Application Access and its Challenges

    Sarah Beck, State Farm, “Behavior Analytics for Security

    Vinton Cerf, The Early Internet

    Mike Rothman, “The future of security operations in a DevOps world”

    Chris Silvers, “Freelance cybersecurity trends and techniques” 

    Anne Marie Colombo, SAP America, “Securing the Cloud”

    Nick Travis Palo Alto Networks, “Defending Against Data Exfiltration via DNS” 

    Tim Callahan, AFLAC

    Maryann Douglas, Online Business Systems, “You CAN Get There from Here – Women in Cybersecurity” 

    Jack Healey, “Cyber Incident Communication Strategies”

    James Blanton, Security Professional

    Nick Corn, Ionic Security, “Application-level Denial of Service”

    Joe DiBiase, Interface, “Things we learned and adjusted to deal with  Covid-19”

    Kevin & Garrett Beaver, “Security from a Teenager’s Perspective…And what businesses need to be on the lookout for among their rising workforce”

  • David Allen, CISO, Georgia Technology Authority, Managing Cyber Risk for the Enterprise

    David Anderson, Security Consultant, Akamai Technologies, Planning and Executing Continuity Plans

    John Traino, CIO, Aaron, What it Takes to Innovate

    Bob Varnadoe, CISO, NCR, Techniques for Detecting a Cyber Attack

    Jacob Lovell, Solutions Engineer, Akamai Technologies, Third Party Scripts: Magecart & Other Threats

    Adi Wong, Akamai Technologies, Cloud Security/Akamai 101

    Phillip Mahan, Communicating Risk Appetite and Tolerance

    Sasi Pulipaka, Risk Manager, Verizon, Data Privacy and Corporate Responsibility

    Jeff Jones, Threat Hunter, Threat Intelligence Brief

    Jacob Lovell, Technical Presales, Akamai Technologies, Incident Response

    Mitch Moosbrugger, Regional Directory, CyberArk Software, The Challenges of Remote Vendor Access

    Mike Rothman, President, Securosis, Advancing Cloud Security: The Next Phase

    Tim Callahan, Global Chief Security Officer, Aflac, The Value of Threat Intelligence

  • Tim O'Neill, Network Forensics

    Joseph DiBiase, Director of Information Security, Interface, The horse has left the barn and we have the saddle!: Our journey into the cloud

    Tim Cullen, Adapture, Incident Response

    Jeff Jones, Threat Hunter, Low Knowledge Authentication

    Moazzam Khan, Security Researcher, IBM, Watson Security Research, Next Generation SIEM: Qradar and its Applications

    Jacob Lovell, Security Solutions Architect, Akamai Technologies, Fighting Armies of Zombie Robots with a Giant Robot

    Rashed Chowdhury, Principle Enterprise Applications, Infosys, Salesforce as a Platform for Innovation

    Debra Oglesby, , FIS Worldpay, Project Management

    Tate Ferguson, Service Transition Manager, FIS Worldpay, Technical Writing

    Corey Bingham, Nathan Raymer, A Primer on Georgia Payment Processing Tech Companies

    Brian Albertson , IT Control Product Owner, State Farm, Automating IT Compliance

    Jack Healey, Founder/CEO, Bear Hill Advisory Group, Baking Risk into Your Information System Soufflé

    Daniel Williams, Matt Crane, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

  • Phillip Mahan, Security & Compliance Manager, Calendly, I am the LAW: Statutory Compliance in Corporate Cyber Security

    Tim O'Neal, Managing Criminal CYBER Investigations

    Walter Tong, GTA, Cyber Intelligence Briefing

    Jeff Jones, Industry Professional Technical Threat Brief

    Mitch Moosberger, Cyberark

    Alex Edwards, Engineer, Cisco

     Joe Catron, Lead Automation Engineer, CelticQA Solutions

    Clarence Daniels, Lead QA Engineer, CelticQA Solutions

    Frank Rietta, Applying Agile and Security in Software Development

    Philip Andreae, Payment Card Security

    Dennis Kosmetatos, NCR, Business Value of Identity and Access Management

    Tim O’Neill, Attacking the Internet of Things

    Jack Healey, Bear Hill Advisory Group, Security and the Role of Risk Assessment

    Alex Edwards, Cisco

    Danny Wasserman, Akamai Technologies

    Katie Greenfield, Senior Technical Recruiter, Brooksource

    Dan Schroeder, Aprio, Information Assurance for Security and Compliance

    Bill Morrison, McKesson, SecOps Management & Planning

    Carlos Batista, BetterCloud, Software Security

    Louis Kandel, Interviewing for Success, Retired IBM Executive

  • Walter Tong, GA Technology Authority, Incident Management

    Ward Pyles, IHG, Career Tracks in ISA Management

    Sherron Burgess, BCD Travel, Launching an ISA Career

    Brian Albertson, State Farm, REAL IT Controls
    Tim O’Neal, Industry Professional, Why the Physical Layer Still Matters

    Debby Briggs, NetScout, What is your Security’s Weakest Link?  The Human Firewall!

    Tim O’Neal, Being an Expert Witness
    Mike Rothman, Securiosis, DevSecOps

    Mitch Moosbrugger, CyberArk, Emerging Threats to Privileged Account Security and Privileged Access Management

    Jeff Jones, Security Professional, The State of Insecurity in the World Today

    Katie Greenfield, Brooksource

    Alex Kirk, Tenable

    Chris Farris, Turner Inc., Pen-testing AWS

    Jack Healey, Bear Hill Advisory Group, Management Role in a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

    Phillip Mahan, Ionic Security

    Louis Kandel

    Philip Andreae, FIDO: The case for better authentication

    Mark German, KPMG

    Philip Mahan, Ionic Security, Security Privacy and Governance for Business Majors

  • Phillip Mahan, Ionic Security, Creating Effective Policy

    Damien Suggs, Saltworks, Application Security

    Dan Streuber, Cisco, Encrypted Traffic Analytics

    James Blanton, Winter Olympics Cyber Threats

    Jeff Jones, Threat Intelligence

    Tim O’Neill, Security Professional

    Preeti Ravinda, IBM Security, Watson for Cybersecurity. 

    Jeff Jones, Security Professional, Developing Threat Intelligence

    Tim Cullen, Adapture, Introduction to Block Chain Technology 

    Anne Marie Colombo, SAP America, Enterprise Resource Planning

    Katie Greenfield, Brooksource, Managing the Recruiting Process

    Shekesa McLaurin, Macy’s, Information Systems and Entrepreneurship

    Brian Albertson, State Farm, Staying Current in the Field

    Ben Mcinnis, Cisco, Compliance Role in Incident Response

    Scott Baker, The Coca-Cola Company, Data Loss Prevention

    Ward Pyles, IHG, Preparing for your ISA Career 

    Andrew Hamilton, Cybiant, Do what works, not what’s flashy

    Walter Tong, Georgia Technology Authority

    Anne Marie Colombo, SAP America, SAP & Threat Intelligence

  • Tim Cullen, Adapture, Dealing with Ransomware

    Phillip Mahan, Ionic Security, Why GPDR Matters to You

    Dan Streuber, Cisco, Analyzing Encrypted Network Traffic

    Brad Stafford, Checkpoint, Securing the Cloud

    Jeff Jones, Threat intelligence for the new security professional

    JoEtta LeSueur, MSIS, CISSP, Product Security Manager, Ionic Security

    Ward Pyles; CISSP, CRISC, NSA; BS IS, Masters of Law; Director Global Security and Assurance InterContinental Hotels Group

    Kyle Waddle, Comcast, Managing Cyber Crisis Events Within Matrix Organizations

    Walter Tong, Georgia Technology Authority, Managing Cyber Incidents

    Nat Prakongan, IBM, The IBM Security Cyber Range

    Ward Pyles, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ISA Careers and Advancement

    Kevin Beaver, Principle Logic, Planning a Consulting Career in ISA

    Robert Roberts, The Coca-Cola Company

    Rafal Los, Seventy7 Consulting

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