The DoD Cyber Scholarship (CySP)

The CySP is authorized by Chapter 112 of U.S.C., Section 2200, designed to encourage the recruitment of the nation’s top cyber talent and the retention of DoD personnel who have skills necessary to meet DoD’s cyber requirements and help secure our nation against threats of information systems and networks. Provide scholarships to students in pursuit of cyber-related degree at National Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cyber Education: Cyber Defense (CAE-CD), Cyber Defense Research (CAE-R) or Cyber Operations (CAE-CO).

This program is a nationally competitive scholarship. Students selected as Cyber Scholars will receive:

  •  the full cost of tuition,
  • books (from the institution/degree specific required book list, not books which are optional for the class),
  • required fees (including health care), and
  • a stipend to cover room and board.
  • The stipend levels are $25,000 for undergraduate students and $30,000 for graduate (Master’s/PhD) students. Awards will be made via a grant to the CAE-C.

Information for applicants:

  • Students falling into one of the following categories may apply:
    • Rising second-year CAE-C Community College (pilot program) students who will be transitioning into a bachelor’s degree program at a 4-year CAE-C
    • Juniors, Seniors pursuing a bachelor's degree (Sophomore's promoting to a Junior in Fall 2019 are eligible to apply)
    • Students in their first or second year of a master's degree; or
    • Students pursuing doctoral degrees.
  • If you are an undergraduate student, you must maintain an overall 3.2 out of a 4.0 grade point average (or an analogous rank based on a comparable scale) in order to receive financial assistance (a scholarship) under the CySP.
  • If you are a graduate student, you must maintain an overall 3.5 out of a 4.0 (or an analogous rank based on a comparable scale) in order to receive financial assistance (a scholarship).
  • Failure to maintain these minimum grade point averages constitutes grounds for immediate termination of financial assistance and your appointment under the CySP. Additionally, if you fail to complete the degree program satisfactorily or to fulfill the service commitment upon graduation, you shall be required to reimburse the United States, in whole or in part, the cost of the financial (scholarship) assistance provided.
  • Except for small achievement awards (not to exceed $5,500 in any academic year), you may not accept simultaneous remuneration from another scholarship or fellowship while receiving financial assistance under the CySP. If you are in a graduate program, you may receive a reasonable amount of remuneration for teaching or similar activities as are, in the institution’s opinion, contributory to your academic progress. Except where state or local law, court or proper administrative order declares otherwise, the DoD shall assume that the development of students, not service to the academic institution, will govern the assignment of these activities.
  • Should you terminate your appointment under the CySP, decline or refuse to honor your commitment to accept permanent employment, or, voluntarily terminate permanent employment before you have fulfilled your period of obligated service, you must reimburse the United States, in whole or in part, the cost of the financial (scholarship) assistance provided to you. An obligation to reimburse under this condition of employment is for all purposes considered to be a debt owed to the United States.

The deadline for submissions at Kennesaw State is February 20, 2020 at midnight.

Interested applicants must:

  • Complete the Student Application by downloading, filling out the form using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, then printing, signing and scanning.
  • Download and complete the Competency Statement, keeping the entire document to a total of three pages, and addressing the six areas described in the document.  Be sure to change the header information to contain your name. Save as PDF.
  • Attach 2 Letters of Reference "from persons knowledgeable of your potential for successful learning, as well as your knowledge and ability. At least one of these letters must be from a current faculty member [or a most current faculty member], and the second letter may be from either a current or former faculty member, or a current or former employer" (DoD CySP application).  See the application form for more details as to the content of the letters.
  • Access your DegreeWorks account (located in OwlExpress)*
    • Go to and log in with your NetID
    • Select Student Records
    • Select DegreeWorks - The “Worksheets” tab is the one you print to submit with your assignment.
    • Save your DegreeWorks page to PDF by clicking the button in the top center of the screen.
      * This document will only be used internally at KSU to rank canddiates, it will NOT be forwarded to anyone outside the university.
  • Create a 1-page cover letter introducing yourself to the review committee, specifying your eligibility to apply for this scholarship program, your GPA, and your willingness to serve the required federal service if awarded this scholarship. 
  • Save all documents as PDF and merge into a single document in the following sequence:
    • Cover page
    • Competency statement
    • Application form
    • Letters of Reference
    • DegreeWorks printout
  • Email this PDF to infosec [at] kennesaw [dot] edu from your KSU email account, with the subject line: DoD Cyber Scholarship Application, no later than midnight, February 20, 2020.  No late submissions will be accepted.